Earthquake day

Promish Stona (Pratigya Dhungana)
Earthquake day (Baisakh 12 2012) a day that I would never like to recall. A single day that brought so much of destruction with it. I dint have to bear any physical damage neither had to go through the depression of losing my family, but still the mental pressure and emotion that I went through was more intense than I could explain. I still remember it was a normal day. No one knew about the disaster that was about to come within a second. Everyone around were busy in their own stuffs so was I. I was studying for my board exams and was bored doing that. I dint know where my family were. Soon a vigorous tremor came. I literally had a feeling that I am dying. The physical tremor stopped within a second but the mental and emotional tremor that it brought in many people’s lives dint. It changed the lives of people in such a way that they never had imagined.
The frustration to see and hear destructions all around, see people losing their homes and their dearer ones was much more than I can explain. Unfortunately I had to lose one of my childhood friend in this incident. I still remember it was the third day of the grand earthquake day that I got the news of his death. I was freeze as soon I was informed. I couldn’t believe my ears. I could see the memories of the moments that I spent with him roaming in front of my eyes. It was very hard to believe that the person with whom I have had many good memories doesn’t exist any longer. That day was undoubtedly a worst day, but ironically it taught us some lessons of love. We all were with ourselves only a few second ago and within a second everything just changed and nth was more important for us than to be our beloved ones for the last time. We all are busy in our lives running after money, success, and other things that we don’t realize the importance of our closest people. We fail to enjoy small moments which are indeed a very important part of our life. Life is uncertain. No one knows when a disaster comes and sweeps all our belongings with it like the earthquake did. We cannot even imagine how our lives would change if there won’t be our mother to pamper us in our success, a father to encourage and invest upon us , a brother or a sister to fight with us all day long.

Be a good son and a good daughter before becoming a successful person because your career is your future but your family is your present.

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