My school days

-Promise Stona
Looking back in life to the school days I still have lots of memories that are still fresh in my mind and that still brings smile in my face. That childhood crush, my best friend, those childish fights, those childhood games and so on. We make lots of friends in life but the kind of attachment we have with our school friends is incomparable. Life was very easy as a kid. I used to think nothing will change, my best friend will always be with me, my parents will always invest upon me and I will always remain in school life. But not I feel like everything just changed within a blink of eye. Our directions changed. Those moments are just memories now. I used to hate if someone call me a kid because for me I was already matured enough. My dreams were big, my aspirations were high. I used to dream of becoming a doctor or sometimes a social servant and provide free service to the poor and needy people. But now when I remember those moments I realize how childish I was. I used to hate being scolded by teachers in the class because for me that was my insult. But now I thank my teachers for those punishments because of which I learn so many things and helped me to be the person who I am today. Going to school was the most difficult and the morning alarm was the most irritating thing. I always wanted to leave the school life and go to college. But the last day of school which was supposed to be the happiest day was the saddest day ever. I really miss my school life and want to relive those childhood days again.

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